Lifetime Movies – Who Did You Say Starred in Them?

  • Heather Graham – this bombshell was actually on the newest Lifetime movie out there – Flowers in the Attic. She is definitely one of the most known actresses to star in other movies as well, Boogie Nights anyone?
  • Christina Ricci – this cutie from Now and Then, as well as Wednesday on the Addams Family, and so many others took the creepy, yet daring role of Lizzi Borden. She definitely plays the part well when it comes to claiming her innocence in the slaying of her family.
  • John Stamos – our favorite Uncle Jessie played the past of a paster in the Lifetime movie, “Secrets of Eden.” As with anything else he played in, he was awesome and definitely worth the watch – even if it is a bad movie.
  • Jewel – you may not find too many movies with her in them, but when it comes to the Lifetime movie “Ring of Fire” she played the wife of Johnny Cash, June Carter just fine. You’re able to see her even perform the songs in her own voice – which makes the movie that much better.
  • Jennifer Aniston – the girl from friends, as well as countless other big name movies also starred in a positive Lifetime movie, “Call Me Crazy.” There were also other big names that you might know in this movie such as Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Hyland and Brittany Snow.
  • Rob Lowe – he is in many different movies, always playing good parts that fit him so well, but did you know that he also starred in two, yes, two different Lifetime movies – “Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story” and “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

When you have a second, you should definitely see if they are on TV from time to time. Check their app and the listings – they might be worth it to see one of these big stars in such a dramatic role from Lifetime. Even though you may think they do not have good movies with good actors, you might be surprised at what you find!