15 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Boss But So Wish You Could

We’re just going to say it: working for somebody else blows, but most of us at some point or another have to do it. While some bosses can be nice, others can be a complete nightmare. Even when your boss is nice it doesn’t mean you like or can even tolerate your job. Most of us spend our days performing mind-numbing and soul-sucking tasks that make us feel less than human. But if we want to keep our crap jobs so we can barely pay our bills, we have to keep our mouths shut even though we have a few choice words to share.

Here are 15 things you should NEVER say to your boss but so wish you could (brought to you by some of the best and worst bosses the world has ever known):


I’m Just Collecting a Paycheck




As we just mentioned, a good majority of people in the world have zero passion for their J.O.B. they are simply collecting the almighty dollar or peso or yen. But you’re not going to keep that job if you let your boss know you couldn’t give a sh*t. And you really never can trust co-workers, many of whom would be more than happy to tell the boss you hate your job and just want the paycheck, so just keep this one to yourself.