15 Things Girls Do In Movies but NEVER in Real Life

If there’s anything the movies have taught us it’s that people on the screen lead much more fabulous lives than we mere mortals do. I mean, people in movies have adventures while we have jobs. They look fabulous while we look like we are trying to be fabulous, and when they fall in love, they do so at first site and live happily ever after. Of course we all know this is a bunch of crap. What’s also crap is much of what we see girls doing onscreen.

Here are 15 things girls do in movies but NEVER in real life.


Act Like a Lunatic in Order to Catch a Bouquet




For some reason filmmakers choose to make us gals look absolutely desperate and insane when we attend a wedding. You know that inevitable scene when the bouquet gets tossed and a couple of chics go at it like two crazed baboons fighting over one small mango. That never happens in real life. You might see the occasional 30-something year old who has had six glasses of house red get a weird look in her eye, but two crazy ladies… nope.