15 Hilarious Celebrity Mugshots

There are certain celebrities who are synonymous with getting into trouble with the law. I mean, most of us don’t bat an eye if we see a mugshot in the news of, say, Lindsey Lohan or Charlie Sheen or Robert Downey Jr. In fact, when we see those guys we all think, “oh, broke the law again” right? But there are plenty of celebrities who have been in trouble with the law and whose mugshots are out there and none of us even know it. Until now that is.

Check out these 15 hilarious celebrity mugshots of some famous people – many of whom you may be surprised to find out had run-ins with the law!


Bill Gates



Bill Gates is known for a lot of things – most notably founding the multibillion dollar Microsoft corporation and being one of the biggest philanthropists that has ever lived (he has donated over $28 billion to his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation). But did you know Gates was arrested back in 1977 for driving without a license? Look how adorable his mugshot is!