15 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked and Attacked by Crazy Fans

Being famous definitely comes with a host pf perks. For instance, even though you’re already a bazillionaire, you tend to get a lot of free stuff. You also never have to wait in line;  you get to fly first-class if not fly on your own private jet; and you get to hang around other famous gorgeous people all of the time. But being famous also comes with some harsh realities as well. You’ve got to contend with the paparazzi who can be vicious, and you’ve also got to deal with adoring fans, some of whom can get a little nutty and scary.

Here are 15 celebrities who have been stalked and attacked by crazy fans.

Brad Pitt



Not long ago on the red carpet of the Hollywood premiere of the movie Maleficent, Brad Pitt was rushed and tackled by a man who was later jailed on suspicion of battery. The attacker, Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukranian TV presenter, is notorious for pulling red carpet stunts. Brad was unharmed and he and Angelina eventually put on their game faces and continued to sign autographs.